Theaterausflug der 7/3

Theaterausflug der 7/3


Yesterday my class and I went to the theatre and watched the show ``Just Thirteen``.

It is about the twins Katy and Tyler, who have just turned thirteen. There are also Nicole, Miguel, the parents and their teacher. They have a complicated birthday, dealing with puberty issues. They also danced a lot and allowed some people from the audience to come on stage, which I really liked. I wanted to join but I didn`t because I was scared to go alone.

My favorite characters were Katy, the dad and Tyler.  In my opinion, the theatre is really nice and the play itself was amazing.The acting was really good and so was the story.

After we arrived back at school, we had a picnic. The day was amazing.



In my opinion,  the theatre play “Just Thirteen“ was very funny and interesting. I loved it. The trip to the theatre and back was also lots of fun. The picnic right after was so relaxing and fun. We played some cool games, too. It was an amazing day with an amazing class.



Yesterday our class went to see the theater play “Just Thirteen”. It was a nice trip because I have not been to a play for a really a long time.

What is it about?

It is about a girl and a boy who have just turned thirteen. They are twins. The girl is called Katy and the boy is called Tyler. The girl has a best friend forever. Her name is Nicole and Tyler´s best friend is Miguel. They all have small fights, for example because Nicole has a boyfriend and does not have much time for Katy anymore but in the end they get along and dance at a competition.

After the play we had a picnic and it was really nice and tasty. Mrs. Ruban baked a cake and it was delicious but everyone brought their own food, too. The weather was really nice because it was sunny.

It was a nice day and I hope we can repeat that day.


Yesterday our class went to see a theater play called “Just Thirteen“ . The play ist about a bunch of teenagers who just turned 13. From now on Katie and Nicole ( Katie’s best friend) deal with topics such as boys and make-up. Katie doesn’t like that and feels like she doesn’t fit in. […]


We saw the play in Stade and went by train. After we came back to school, we had a picknick and I hope we will go on another class trip because the theater was very good and they played some good songs like “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift and “Baby” by Justin Bieber. 


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